Broken Umbrellas
Broken umbrellas, abandoned,  trashed and destroyed umbrellas.
Umbrella is a word derived from Latin:
umbra meaning shade or shadow.
It is a hand held device to protect from the rain or snow and parasol is generally used to protect from the sun rays.
It was used in Persia, ancient Egypt, Greece as early as the 5th century BC and also by the romans but it 's use seems to have been restricted to women
only mainly as protection from the sun. For men to use them  was considered  a sign of effeminacy.
Also there are references that it was used by the Chinese as early as the first century BC.
In the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe was a fashion statement and there are numerous examples in paintings from this period
(Monet, Manet, etc)
It is also called gamp, brolly, umbrellery, or bumbershoot.
Crushed umbrella
Umbrellas in the trash
Broken umbrella
Umbrella's structure
Brown umbrella
Brolly in the trash
Umbrella & fire hydrant
Umbrella in the trash
Black umbrella
Ruined umbrella
Umbrella by hydrant
Umbrella under a fence II
Umbrella under a fence
Black umbrella II
Multicolor umbrella II
Pink shadow II
Pink shadow
Multicolor umbrella
Paraguas dorado
Paraguas rosado
Blue umbrella
Paraguas azul
Beige umbrella
Green and red
Broken umbrellas
Gamp on the street
Hanging out
Crushed by a car
On the sidewalk
Umbrellas on a tree
Green umbrella
Red umbrella II
Flat and Wet
Against the grille