"Art is a reflection of society", if this is true, society is very sick...........
Judging for the majority of the works showed at this year's edition of "The Armory Show Moder"
in New York, 2009,it is a lack of mental health of our society.
"ART" in it's most basic meaning signifies a skill or ability.........One who has mastered a skill or
ability may be designated an artist or an artisan according to whether his abilities are directed
principally toward a utilitarian or an aesthetic purpose.
While ART continues to be associated with basic skills, e.g. The ART of gardening, the Art of
warfare etc.., the term more generally carries the connotation of non utilitarian
activities.......Even though I can't think of anything more useful than art and more utilitarian
than what art dealers have made of it.
The term Fine arts is a translation of the French: "beaux - arts", meaning the arts concerned
with beauty...
All through out history "Art" was synonymous of beauty and excellence in execution, giving the
work and specially the public a lot of respect trying to generate a positive emotion or feeling
sometimes close to the sublime trough the search of aesthetic in the best sense of the word.
Towards the beginning of the XX century art movements like the German expressionism
started to work on a different kind of aesthetics that influenced most of the artistic movements
of the period. Les Demoiselles D' Avignon by Pablo Picasso is maybe the most recognizable
example of "The beauty of the ugly".
What was shown in this version of the Armory Show Modern is a sample of the disability of the
majority of works presented with the complicity of the gallery owners and the so called curators
that so much harm have done to art.
It is really shameful to see the degree that we have reached in considering anything "ART".
It is the aesthetic of the unpleasant, violence and specially the lack of respect for the
spectator.........Works without any technique or beauty; shocking in the best sense of the word
to say the least.
"How, as a culture we got our selves into a mindset in whereby beauty is a suspect and
elegance seems a weakness?".
It is sad to visit these events in which supposedly human qualities should be exalted in our
capacity to produce "Art" our ability to make quality objects that is finally what differentiate us
from the rest of the animals and show this waste of mockery as an example of a lack of talent.
I feel ashamed and refuse to believe that we have lost the capacity to admire and extol the
abilities of the human race. But all and all what seems more worrisome is not that this kind of
works are showed but the great acceptance that this trend has in the spectators, movement
which finality is to produce disgust, unpleasantness and vulgarity induced by the dealers
taking advantage of the ignorance of the general public.
The most heard comment was; "Cool...isn't it?
Sad, very sad.............
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