Public Art
Murals, Stained Glass
Murals of the Governor's Headquarters,
Bogota, Colombia.
Acrylic on brick. 1999
DC.Commission for the Arts
Acrylic.   2002
"You are what you eat"
DC.Commission for the Arts
Acrylic.   2004
"Tropical Bird"
Ocean City , Maryland
Acrylic.   2003
Art Walk
Washington DC 2006
Stained glass, Bogota 1995
"Bogota Royal"
Stained glass, Bogota 1989
Vtrales del Conservatorio de Musica del Tolima
Stained glass, Ibague, Colombia,1993
This page has some public art projects like the murals for the governor's headquarters in Bogota, Colombia, Murales de palmas de
cera, Xeroxilon Quindioensis, arbol nacional de Colombia, in the  Gobernacion de Cundinamarca, other  public art works like
"Bamburrito" , "Party Animals" , "Tropical Bird" and "Bamboo Panda", "Pandamania",  'Art Walk" "Metamorphosis", projects promoted
by the DC. Commission of The Arts and Humanities in Washington DC. Also several stained glass windows designed and executed by
colombian artist Juan Bernal, like the ones for  Conservatorio de Musica del Tolima, Hotel Bogota Royal, Hotel Victoria Regia and
Casa Medina also in Bogota.
Inmaculate Conception
with orchids
Murales Gobernacion de Cundinamarca
Bogota, Colombia, 1999.
Murales de palmas de cera
Xeroxilon Quindiuense
Arbol nacional de Colombia
Xeroxilon Quindiuensis
Colonbia's national tree
Project for Miller Fine Art
Project for Miller Fine Art
Dann Family, DC
Lavalle Family, NJ.
Project for Miller Fine Art
Project for Trump Tower, NY.
Mural for David Nachman, NJ.
"Giants of The Andes"
Colombian Consulate,
New York, 2002
Federico Seve -  Latin Collector N.Y.
Until September 5 2012
Glass and metal
Glass and metal
Acrylic on brick. 13 x 8.5 feet.
Yonkers, New York. 2017.