This exhibition shows the latest series of flowers and dew
Oil paintings and mixed media works:
photography and oil painting
“My work is about the beauty of Nature
and the importance of simple things...
Elements of Nature that we usually take for granted
and we don’t take time to observe like a flower
a fragment of a leaf or the way light strikes a water droplet.

These elements are recreated placing emphasis on the geometry
of Nature’s designs.
It is the complexity within the simplicity.
The work constitutes an alarm to us all to preserve the environment
that we are part of and that we are relentlessly destroying.
”Destroying Nature is destroying ourselves”

                                                                                       Juan Bernal
Exhibition of Paintings by
Juan Bernal
Leonard Tourne Gallery
463 Broome Street
(Between Greene and Mercer Streets)
New York, NY 10013
November 15 to December 5, 2012
Opening Reception November 15, 2012
from 5 to 8 P.M.