Mankind has been creating art for over 5.000 thousand years, art is what makes us "Human", for that reason we have to be very
careful in what we call art. Art is a sacred word and should be treated respectfully.
There has to be a clear differentiation between art and speculation.
"ART" in it's most basic meaning signifies a skill or ability.........One who has mastered a skill or ability may be designated an artist or
an artisan according to whether his abilities are directed principally toward a utilitarian or an aesthetic purpose.
While ART continues to be associated with basic skills, e.g. The ART of gardening, the Art of warfare etc.., the term more generally
carries the connotation of non utilitarian activities.......Eventhough I can't think of anything more useful than art and more utilitarian
than what art dealers have made of it.
The term Fine arts is a translation of the French: "beaux - arts", meaning the arts concerned with beauty...
All through out history "Art" was synonymous of beauty and excellence in execution, giving the work and specially the public a lot of
respect trying to generate a positive emotion or feeling sometimes close to the sublime through the search of aesthetic in the best
sense of the word.
The purpose of this site is to highlight the art exhibitions in museums and galleries that take place in New York City that fit this criteria
It is directed to regular people without any pretension, it is basically for people that like art, tourists and visiting artists.
We don't intend to make art critique, qualify or curate art shows, only mention what we consider is worth visiting.
Neither we expect to cover the whole art scene due to our time limitations.
We are only going to mention the shows that we personally visit and love !!
"Beauty for the eyes and food for the soul"